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Die Springs
Peterson Spring - Now Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence!
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Die Springs

Sometimes referred to as “high force compression” springs, die springs are designed for use where high loads are required and ambient temperatures can reach up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.  Because heat plays such an important role in load-loss, these springs are manufactured to withstand a greater degree of environmental stress.

Made of pre-tempered, rectangular-shaped chrome silicon wire, die springs are a very robust hybrid version of a compression spring.  Maximum fatigue life is achieved through stress relieving after coiling, followed by the springs being preset and shot-peened.  The ends are then precision ground and the entire spring is powder coated to give it sizing identification and finish.  A colored stripe is added to identify duty range of each spring.  The result is a heavy-duty spring designed to provide excellent quality, value and service under intense conditions.

Peterson Spring stocks over 800 standard sizes for immediate delivery. Inch springs are powder coated white with a stripe indicating four duty ranges (blue, red, gold and green). Inch/ISO Metric springs are also powder coated in solid colors indicating four duty ranges (green, blue, red and yellow).

Standard sizes range from 3/8” to 2” outside diameter(OD) with free lengths from 1” to 12”.  Special sizes (OD and free lengths) are also available as custom springs. Springs can be supplied unpainted/oiled, Dacromet Coated or other coatings as required.
To assist our customers online, the Peterson Spring Die Spring Catalog (www.pacdiesprings.com) boasts 380 standard sized die springs with a quartet of duty ranges with sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2” outside diameter and lengths from from 1” to 12".

Peterson Spring - Now Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence!

Check out the latest article on Peterson Spring in the Spring Manufacturers Institute (SMI) "Springs" Magazine.

Established in 1914, Peterson Spring is the largest privately held spring manufacturer in North America. Through designing, manufacturing and supplying springs, snap-rings, wire forms, clips, clamps, stampings, and a variety of sub-assemblies, Peterson Spring has expanded to 13 worldwide locations.