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Employee Access
Peterson Spring - Now Celebrating 100 Years of Excellence!
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Employee Access

I understand by entering the Peterson American Corporation (PAC) Employee Logon Screen that an agreement has been created between me and Peterson American Corporation as stated in the following and through any other corporate policy that may govern the use of this service. In offering online access service, Peterson American Corporation is making available to me an interactive computer service, which allows me to perform work related activities. I shall be the only authorized user of Peterson American Corporation's electronic services under this agreement. I agree to keep confidential and not publish, broadcast, retransmit, reproduce, commercially exploit, or otherwise redisseminate the data, information, or services provided under this agreement. I shall be responsible for the confidentiality and use of my password(s) and other security data, methods and devices. I understand that I shall be solely responsible for all use of any data, information, or service obtained, using my passwords and other security data. I agree that Peterson American Corporation services are the proprietary property of PAC and/or third parties from whom PAC has obtained rights to provide access to PAC employees. I agree not to use PAC services except as authorized by this statement or otherwise stated in the PAC's employee policies and, in any event, not to make it available to any third parties. As a condition of being approved to use PAC's electronic services, I agree to the above and will continue to be true for as long as I use these service.



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