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Heavy Equipment

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Heavy Equipment
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Heavy Equipment

Peterson Spring operational excellence carries over into the Heavy Equipment industry through our commitment to innovation and quality excellence.  Peterson’s array of capabilities allows us to maintain a platform for the base of any individual customer needs.  Heavy Equipment manufacturers depend on Peterson Spring’s superiorly engineered products including engine valve springs, brake springs, clutch springs, fuel injector and fuel pump springs, suspension springs, throttle body springs, die springs for stamping presses, accessory springs, and progressive die springs.  No matter what size, our products help improve the performance of heavy equipment.
Our advanced quality control equipment and manufacturing processes ensure our products meet the strict specifications and requirements of our customers.  Our engineers understand the extreme conditions and characteristics necessary to design brake and injector springs for heavy equipment.  Peterson prides itself on being able to add dependability and safety to their products improving the overall function of heavy equipment.  Many of Peterson’s components are used to manufacture heavy equipment such as:   

  • Construction Equipment and Vehicles
  • Mining Equipment
  • Semi Trucks
  • Heavy Duty Truck & Trailer Engines
  • Heavy Duty Transmissions
  • Fuel Rail Systems
  • Vehicle mounted antennas, hood, and doors (use accessory springs)


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