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Snap Rings
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Snap Rings

Snap rings – commonly referred to as “retaining rings” – provide shoulders to locate or retain parts on shafts or in cylinders.  Depending on the application, snap rings can be used externally or internally.

Peterson Spring specially designs equipment to produce snap rings with maximum efficiency in the most cost-effective and environmentally responsible manner.  Skilled operators produce millions of coiled rings each year on state of the art equipment.  Coiled rings boast an important cost advantage over stamped rings by eliminating blanked scrap and avoiding the need for cost-prohibitive tooling along with a hardening process.

Peterson Spring is capable of producing rings with inner diameters ranging from .062” to 72”.  Assembly, disassembly and identification are assisted by nearly limitless gap configurations.  A variety of notches or holes and ground surfaces at the ring gap can also be provided.

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