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Spring Innovations
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Spring Innovations

Peterson - SpringsA wide array of spring sizes and types. Including Compression Springs, Torsion Springs, Extension Springs, Valve Springs, Die Springs, Brake Springs, and Suspension Springs.

As the largest privately-owned spring manufacturer in North America, with almost 100 years of spring-making knowledge behind us, Peterson American Corporation is uniquely positioned to offer our customers a wide array of spring innovations, customized to meet their individual and specific needs.  Years of honing the art of spring making to meet the exacting standards of the automotive and aerospace industries has given our Engineers, Metallurgists and Designers a wealth of experience that cannot be duplicated.  From high-end specialized racing valve springs to cost-effective, economically responsible alternatives, Peterson has the expertise to match a spring to fit your exact requirements and the ability to customize a device when proactive design is necessary. 

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