Clips & Hose Clamps


Long known for its leadership in the bending of wire and strip material, Peterson Spring continues to invest in computerized coiling and metal forming technologies that enable us to produce complicated clips, clamps, and hose clamps in one operation. These devices are used across the automotive, appliance, agricultural, marine and lawn equipment industries among others.

Peterson Spring is capable of manufacturing metal clips and brackets from alloy, stainless steel, cold rolled carbon steel (low, medium, regular and high carbon), as well as from galvanized and other coated materials in both wire and strip form.  Vinyl coatings are also available.

Our highly qualified engineering staff is always available to help in the design of custom clips, clamps, and brackets to ensure every customer requirement is met with a product that delivers quality and cost-efficiency.

Hose Clamps

Because of our advanced manufacturing practices, Peterson Spring continues to be a leading fastener producer of constant tension hose clamps.  Our devices are widely implemented throughout the appliance, agricultural, lawn equipment, automotive, marine and industrial markets.  From dishwashers to fuel lines, Peterson Spring has used decades of acquired knowledge to develop clamping systems using special alloys and stainless steel materials, ideally suited for applications where constant joint expansion and contraction is a prerequisite.  The use of an in-house heat treatment and a DACROTIZED process provides superior performance and corrosion protection.  Peterson Spring produces over 66 million hose clamps a year and manages the largest stock of dual wire clamps in North America.

Browse our Hose Clamp Catalog below for ordering or specifications.

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